Can You Escape 2 – Level 3 Walkthrough

In the previous article we seen the Walkthrough for Can You Escape 2 – Level 1 and Level 2 and now it’s time to move on to Level 3, which gets more complex and more difficult.

In Level 3 there are actually 3 different views that you can select. Begin by tapping the bottom left arrow and you should see the bowling pins right in front of you. Now tap the wooden box on the lower left side of the screen, and here you must complete a puzzle. There is not much that we can say here…just tap the pieces to rotate them until they form an image. It’s not that difficult to figure out which patterns fit together, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments area below.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 3 Walkthrough

After you complete the puzzle, the box will open and you will be able to collect the lever. Go back to the initial view of the room, and tap the map located in the right side of the door. Tap the small colored wheel twice, and be careful at the colors shown by the pointer. There are: pink, light blue, red and dark blue. Now go back to the left side of the room view, and now tap on the box from the right of the bowling pins.

On those bars shown on the box, replicate the colors you’ve seen before: pink, light blue, red and dark blue; and then collect the black part of the Yin Yang sign. Now go to the right side of the room and tap the bottle of wine twice in order to find the code 1867.

Go to the drawer (underneath the lamp) and tap the red buttons until you have the right number (1867). It’s not that easy, because certain buttons move certain numbers. Here is how to do it: tap the second button 6 times, then the third one 8 times, the first one 6 times and the last one 10 times. Then you will be able to collect the white side of the Yin Yang as well.

In the same view of the room, on the wall on the right side of the lamp you will see a small circle. Select the lever and place it there, tap the lever once and then tap the platform. Now place the white and the black signs you collected earlier, and take the card. Go back to the main view, tap the left side of the door and use the card to move forward to Can You Escape 2 – Level 4 Walkthrough.

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