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100 Doors 2 Levels 91 – 95 Walkthrough

100 Doors 2 Level 91 Walkthrough

Go pick up the hammer and smash the naked mouse, however, never hit the blue one.

100 Doors 2 Level 92 Walkthrough

Carefully observe the way the tiles light up because you’ll need to remember the order, then tap the tiles in the same order. If you need to watch the order again because you did not pay sufficient attention or because you just don’t remember, just tap a wrong tile and you will watch the order one more time.


100 Doors 2 Level 93 Walkthrough

You need to tilt your phone a bit to the left so that you can take the pin, then proceed with putting it between those two big green gears (which you will see on the right). Once again, tilt your phone to the left in order to move the obstacle aside and then you should see the door opening.

100 Doors 2 Level 94 Walkthrough

See how many blue and pink windows are on the left and right. Carefully count them:

Left pink = 8

Right pink = 6

Left blue = 4

Right blue = 6

So the door code is 8466.

100 Doors 2 Level 95 Walkthrough

Pick the gloves up and then select it from the inventory. Once you have selected the gloves from your inventory, hit the guy as close as you can to the face and soon you’ll watch him go down.

Can You Escape 2 – Level 6 Walkthrough

When you start “Can You Escape 2 Level 6”, what you need to do is to go to the left side of the room, where you will see a cabinet. Begin by tapping the shelf that has three drawers, then move to the one with the elephant and the one with the plane. Same thing: tap on them.

Next, you have to open the lower drawer where you will find a band. Take the band (it may look like a ring too, so don’t get confused) that you found inside then steal the elephant’s tusk.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 6 Walkthrough

On the same left side of the room you will need to look for the drum. Inside the drum there is a brush and some powder; zoom in and take them both. There is a drum on the right side of the room too, so go there next and double tap in order to move it. Now that you got the drum out of the way, zoom in again so that you can see the keys that lie on the box better, then use the powder and the brush that you took from the other drum so that you can reveal the fingerprints.

If you revealed the fingerprints on the keys, tap them. The code number should be 13697. Grab the heart and necklace from the lower drawer of the box, go to the glass fridge, and press the last two buttons on the left column, then the first three buttons on the right colums. Once oppened, take that bottle of water with you.

Back at the other side of the room of “Can You Escape 2 Level 6”, tap the picture on the wall and change the bottom left, bottom right and middle right shape so that you make a square, then take the toy wheel that you find inside. Now go to the right side of the room and tap the chest, adjust the directions of the wheels and take what’s inside. You adjust the directions of the wheels to match the ones from the room this way:

– adjust the White (the left wheel) to North West;
– adjust the Red (the middle wheel) to East;
– adjust the Yellow (the left wheel) to South West;

Finally, find the cabinet that has three scales inside on it. Notice that each one is missing one piece, the same pieces that you hold in your inventory. First, tap the left scale and place the toy wheel on top of the toy car. Then proceed to the middle one and pour the water into the empty cylinder. For the right scale, place the heart on the bear and the toy wheel on the toy car and the sum of those numbers will get the code for the door, which is 1861. Continue to “Can You Escape 2 Level 7

Can You Escape 2 – Level 5 Walkthrough

Begin “Can You Escape 2 Level 5” by going to the other side of the room. You will find there, in the drawer, a magnifying glass. Take that and use it against the map in order to reveal the numbers 2643. Remember this code.

Now go to the right side of the room, you will find there on the left shelf of the big piece of furniture a small box. Tap the small box, enter the code 2643 and collect the film that you find inside.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 5 Walkthrough

Also, on the same piece of furniture, at the center of it, you will see a TV set and a vase. Tap the vase in order to move it aside and take the flashlight that sits right of the TV set. Next on, you will use the movie reel that you found in the small box. Place the film into the movie player, but first turn the lights off by taping the switch on the wall. What you have to do next is to reveal the photo and remember the color of the girl’s shirt.

Continue “Can You Escape 2 Level 5” by going into the main room, tap the iPad that you see on the table and play the puzzle. Here, you have to find all the stars and, once you do so, you will receive a clue or a reward code. It is important to remember the way in which the stars are aligned. Stars at: 12, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10.

Go back to the shelf from the main room; tap the cover found on the right and use the wrench in order to open it. Below the shelf there is a vent, which you will open by using the wrench that you just took. Take out the bolts from the corners and look inside of the vent with the help of the flashlight.

And finally, tap and enter the color of the girl’s shirts along with the reward code from the game you played on the iPad. Once you have unlocked the box, take the key and put it into the slot next to the elevator, then the elevator will open up. Continue to Level 6.

Can You Escape 2 – Level 4 Walkthrough

In case you missed the previous article, you can find it here: Can You Escape 2 – Level 3 Walkthrough

Begin by tapping the trash can on the floor, open the lid and remember the way the dots are placed. Then tap the white box placed on the left-side table and arrange the balls the same way you’ve seen before. This means: top, middle, bottom, top, middle, top.

Tap on the toy cubes on the floor and remember the numbers and letters written on them. Now go to the desk, tap the monitor and enter the code shown before: B3C 2AA. Some numbers will now appear on the screen and you need to remember the green ones (1467). Also tap the cabinet near the monitor and collect the hammer head.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 4 Solution

Now go back to the main view and tap the left arrow to move to the other view. Under the small table on the right, you will find the handle of the hammer. Collect it then tap it to combine it with the hammer head you collected earlier. Go back to the main view, tap the wall on the left of the trash can and use the hammer to knock down the wall. Now you can collect the lever.

Go back to the other side, tap the boxes on the floor and the wooden crate to remove them out of the way and collect the plug. Now go to the 2 electrical boxes found under the CAFE sign. On the first one place the lever you collected and the plug, and on the second one tap the 2, 3, 5, 8 levers so that the other ones are on (1, 4, 6, 7 – the code we found out before).

And finally, go to the work bench and here you must drag the screwdriver from one side to the other, without touching the wire. Be very calm, move slowly and you will eventually make it. Once you complete this task, the drawer will open and you will be able to collect the card that opens the door. Continue to Level 5.

Can You Escape 2 – Level 3 Walkthrough

In the previous article we seen the Walkthrough for Can You Escape 2 – Level 1 and Level 2 and now it’s time to move on to Level 3, which gets more complex and more difficult.

In Level 3 there are actually 3 different views that you can select. Begin by tapping the bottom left arrow and you should see the bowling pins right in front of you. Now tap the wooden box on the lower left side of the screen, and here you must complete a puzzle. There is not much that we can say here…just tap the pieces to rotate them until they form an image. It’s not that difficult to figure out which patterns fit together, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments area below.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 3 Walkthrough

After you complete the puzzle, the box will open and you will be able to collect the lever. Go back to the initial view of the room, and tap the map located in the right side of the door. Tap the small colored wheel twice, and be careful at the colors shown by the pointer. There are: pink, light blue, red and dark blue. Now go back to the left side of the room view, and now tap on the box from the right of the bowling pins.

On those bars shown on the box, replicate the colors you’ve seen before: pink, light blue, red and dark blue; and then collect the black part of the Yin Yang sign. Now go to the right side of the room and tap the bottle of wine twice in order to find the code 1867.

Go to the drawer (underneath the lamp) and tap the red buttons until you have the right number (1867). It’s not that easy, because certain buttons move certain numbers. Here is how to do it: tap the second button 6 times, then the third one 8 times, the first one 6 times and the last one 10 times. Then you will be able to collect the white side of the Yin Yang as well.

In the same view of the room, on the wall on the right side of the lamp you will see a small circle. Select the lever and place it there, tap the lever once and then tap the platform. Now place the white and the black signs you collected earlier, and take the card. Go back to the main view, tap the left side of the door and use the card to move forward to Can You Escape 2 – Level 4 Walkthrough.