Be A Man Solutions (Levels 1 – 10)

In case you were looking for the “Be A Man Solutions”, you came to the right place. In this article, you will find the walkthroughs for levels 1 to 10. 

Be A Man Level 1
First, tap and drag the chair on the right side a bit to the right. Then tap and drag the woman to the chair. Do the same with the chair on the left (drag it to the left) and then tap and drag the guy to the chair.
Be A Man Level 2
Tap and drag to the guy behind or forward, to keep him approximately at the same level with the girl. Don’t let him go too far ahead, or too far behind.  
Be A Man Level 3
Tap and drag just 2 of the 4 bags from the woman’s hands to the guy. Only take the yellow and the blue bags. 
Be A Man Level 4
Tap and drag the mirror to the right to open the cabinet, then tap the bottle of gel. Now tap and drag the gel to his head, then tap and drag the comb to the hair. Do this quickly, until the towel falls down. 
Be A Man Level 4
Be A Man Level 5
Just like in the real life, what you need to do here is to put the ring on the correct finger. This is the second finger from the right (also known as the “ring finger”). 
Be A Man Level 6
After the couple walks a few steps on the alley, quickly tap the alley behind them, so they turn around. 
Be A Man Level 7
While they are walking, tap and drag the guy towards the door so that he opens the door first for the lady. 
Be A Man Level 8
First, you must tap the menu and then scroll through it until the colors on the page exactly match the wires on the screen. Then tap and hold the red button and speak something close to your phone. You can say “cut”, but any word should be fine. 
Be A Man Level 9
In this level, all you have to do is drag them to the right side, so they pick the vegetarian menu.
Be A Man Level 10
Right after the boy picks up the walled dropped by Elvis, tap and drag the boy towards Elvis. Do this quickly, before Elvis gets the chance to turn around. 
So these were the Be A Man Solutions for levels 1 to 10. Continue to levels 11 to 20 in this article