Be A Man Solutions (Levels 11 – 20)

In case you were looking for the “Be A Man Solutions”, you came to the right place. In this article, you will find the walkthroughs for levels 11 to 20. For levels 1 to 10, visit this link
Be A Man Level 11
First, tap an empty place and drag the screen to the right, then drag the man to the urinal on the right side. 
Be A Man Level 12
Since no solution really works, and the name of the level suggests that it’s only a nightmare, you simply have to wake up. So tap and drag the stick to the head of the man to hit him. Do this 3 times, and then he will wake up from the nightmare. 
Be A Man Level 13
First, drag the man to the right (so he now sits on the left side of the woman). Now tap him again to open the umbrella. Do this quickly, until the rain starts. 
Be A Man Level 14
At the beginning, simply wait for the man to arrive in the toilet next door. Wait until he sits down, tap the toilet paper box and then tap the wall between the toilets 3 times. Take the paper that he gives you, and then drag it to the hand of the student. 

Be A Man Level 14

Be A Man Level 15
In order to find the perfect moment for the selfie, you need to be patient and wait. Wait and wait some more, until the fly comes around. Then, tap the camera right when the fly sits on it. 
Be A Man Level 16
In this Titanic scene what you need to do first is drag the lady to the right to make room for the guy. Then tap and drag Jack on the wooden board, but do this quickly so he doesn’t drown. 
Be A Man Level 17

In this level, you will need to do a perfect timing. First tap the lid of the trashcan to reveal the bone and then while the couple is near the trashcan, tap the door on the left side, so they hide over there. Then tap and drag the bone somewhere at the same level with the couple, but only release it when the other girl is close (about at the same level with the menu posted on the wall). 
Be A Man Level 18

This is also a timing level. You need to kiss the girl when the taxi driver is not looking. Since his eyes movement is quite random, simply try it multiple times until you get a perfect timing. 
Be A Man Level 19

First, drag the screen all the way to the right, then tap the last toilet box.
Be A Man Level 20

First, you must tap and drag the 2 pencils and the cutter from the holder on the table. Take them out until the holder is empty, then tap it to make the key appear. Now tap and drag the key to the drawer to open it, then tap the drawer to open it. Tap the paper to take it out, then tap the red button and speak on your phone’s speaker. Say “cut” or anything else. 
So these were the Be A Man Solutions for levels 11 to 20. Continue to levels 21 to 30 in this article