Be A Man Walkthrough (Levels 21 – 30)

In case you were looking for the “Be A Man Walkthrough”, you came to the right place. In this article, you will find the solutions for levels 21 to 30. For levels 11 to 20, visit this link

Be A Man Level 21

Tap and drag only the headphone from the right side (the left ear of the guy), to the left ear of the girl, so they can rock on together.

Be A Man Level 22

This is also a timing level. Wait for the perfect moment of right after the clown appears on the screen, and quickly drag the man towards the lady on the right.

Be A Man Level 23

Place the card right in the middle of the menu, then simply blow into your phone’s microphone in order to blow the hair away.

Be A Man Level 24

What you need to do in this level is to match the position of the guy with that of the woman. Since her positions are not always the same, there is no unique solution for this level. There are three points that you can adjust – the body, the hands, and the feet. So make sure to tap each one of them enough times until the man has the same position as the lady. Move quickly because there is a time limit.

Be A Man Level 24

Be A Man Level 25

Here you have to place all three of them on the chair, and not in any other places. The order is important as well, so place the lady first, the man second and the little girl last.

Be A Man Level 26

First, tap the phone in the guy’s pocket, then tap and hold the home button to unlock it with your fingerprint. Then go into Instagram and scroll down until you find the blue shoes. Then tap anywhere outside the phone to go back, and then tap the sales lady.

Be A Man Level 27

In this level, you need to have the sound enabled, so you hear the click. Begin by rotating the wheel to the right until you hear the click. Try to figure out exactly the number where it clicks, and then rotate it again and stop exactly at that number. You can try it multiple times, so don’t worry. After you stop right on the click, rotate the wheel to the left, and stop at the click again. Then rotate it to the right again and find the third number. We can’t tell you an exact solution to this level because the clicks will be different every time. Then tap the vault and open it and reveal the dragon eggs :)

Be A Man Level 28

This is also a timing level and you need to stop the stairs at the right time. Tap and drag the blue lid to open it, and then press the red button right when the girl is lifting her hands up (right before she reaches the end of the stairs).

Be A Man Level 29

Just like the level in the taxi, this one is also a timing level that you need to try multiple times until you get it right. First, wait to receive the text from the girlfriend. Then tap the phone to take it and write the text, and tap it again right before the boss is watching to put it back on the desk. You must write the text long enough and at least 3 times.

Be A Man Level 30

And now the final level. First, take the blue and the yellow bags from the girl, and then tap the phone in the guy’s pocket. Then tap and hold the home button to unlock the phone and then scroll to the right. Open the “Ober” app and choose the blue ride (the one that arrives quicker).

So these were the Be A Man Walkthrough for Levels 21 – 30. Now you’ve completed the game. Congratulations!