Being a DIK Game Review and Download + Installation Guide

Ever wanted to take a trip down memory lane and relive your college years? Maybe you haven’t reached college yet and you want to imagine how it would look? Well whatever visions you have or wild time you had in the past isn’t a patch on what’s on offer here! “Being a DIK” (Learn More) goes all out in trying to recreate the most action-packed, fantasy college experience. When you’re not getting turned on, you’re laughing at the jokes or gripped by the plot of the game. It really is an inspired game with plenty to keep you hooked.

Being a DIK Game Download + Installation guide


The centrepiece of the story revolves around a young guy from a low earning family with a widowed father. He wants to break out of his life and turn over a new leaf by joining the university. The university campus is called Burgmeister & Royce, believe it or not. Once joining consumed with the desire of wanting to fit in, he joins a fraternity called the local Delta lota Kappa. However he doesn’t realise what he’s getting himself into. Before long he realises he’s been dragged into a web of sex, drugs, and an emotional rollercoaster ride.


The main bulk of the Being a DIK gameplay is geared around having to make choices on scenarios with other characters. These scenarios are illustrated for you with the text and visuals and dialogue between you and the other characters. The choices that are available to you develop and progress within the game. What is selected determines what path the relationship will go down with the characters in the game. The game offers the ability to adapt your personality to how you choose to. If you want to attract certain girls and repel others you respond to the situation relative to the outcome you want. This can lead to you having the time of your life with babes or being consigned to the friend zone or kicked to the kerb altogether.

Aside from the main core of the game being driven by this there are also mini-challenges to break up the monotony. There’s a beat em up game where you have to use your skill to overpower the other person. These entail combining buttons to produce moves to beat your opponent. Also, sports game which involves the same process. There’s also drinking games and even games where you’re given a test at school. You have the option of whether to cheat and whether to study. You’re punished and rewarded based on the wisdom of your choices. There is plenty on offer to keep you entertained in all the facets of college life.


Being a DIK boasts some of the best graphics on offer in adult gaming today. It has a rich array of more than 8,000 Computer Generated images. Coupled with well over 300 brief animated scenes that keep you dazzled. As far as visual novel games go you can’t do much better than this. It’s at the cutting edge of eye-catching motion play.

Not only that but the soundtrack was of an impressively high standard. Really setting the tone for college life with music which is the preferred listening for many freshmen. They didn’t overlook the effect music has and is a key component in setting the mood in many scenes.


What marks Being a DIK out from the rest is it is all over the map with attractions. The makers went out of their way to make sure the journey of the game is always mixed up. Be it with sexual situations, comedy, fun mini-games, and a wide scope of possibility with the storyline. There are many options, characters, and scenarios so there are countless paths the game can go down in the chain of events from these. You won’t find it tedious at any point in playing and there is plenty on offer to always keep you sitting up and taking notice. This is where it’s peers in this gaming field pale in comparison. It has a depth to the game and is inspired by the dream college experience and all it has to offer.


Really I’m reaching for criticism for the game as it’s flawless on all levels. If I was to point to anything being lacking it would be how realistic it is. College life is never this action-packed and such a thrill in real life. If it was everyone would try and keep resitting years to try and stay there until they were in their 30’s! However games are there for escapism and if the game was based on reality it would be nowhere near as good.


If you’re wondering where and how to own Being a DIK game just take yourself through our instruction guide below. There’s a dedicated Patreon page where you can support the developer and download the latest updates. For our convenience we are going to use a different method. The steps are as follows:

1. go to and search for The Being a DIK. Locate the thread which has it available to download from. You will need to open an account so you have access to the links and click through. On the top right-hand corner of the screen click register and fill in your details. Then you can return to the original page and see your links in full view.

2. You can now select a link to download. Choose a destination under the bracket of your system, whether it is a Windows PC (Win) or a Mac. After selecting one of the options you will be transferred to a portal screen with a download button in the centre. Click on the button and wait for the download to initialise and filter down onto your system in full. When completed you can continue.

3.  For PCs: Go to the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window, select the menu next to it, and click open. You can now select the folder to unzip it onto your drive available to access the files in it. Once it’s completed you will see a .exe file, double click it and the game will begin playing ready for you to enjoy.

For Mac: Just like in the above step, select the download in your browser and select open from the menu on it. You will then be prevented from initiating it as your computer won’t recognise the source.

So by default it will identify it as untrustworthy when it is not. The game will not cause any harm to your system. To evade this issue all you have to do is go into your system preferences. Select your Mac’s preferences and then the follow-through screen will show you the option of security and privacy. Click through and you can now select the general tab. Once there you can enable the option “open anyway” which will circumvent the block. Now you can go back to square one of trying to activate the gameplay. Go to the first step for Mac and now you will see “open anyway”. Select this and you can now run your game and enjoy it.

So that’s every base covered about what the game is like and how to experience everything it has to offer. Don’t delay and play it today!

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