Can You Escape 2 – Level 4 Walkthrough

In case you missed the previous article, you can find it here: Can You Escape 2 – Level 3 Walkthrough

Begin by tapping the trash can on the floor, open the lid and remember the way the dots are placed. Then tap the white box placed on the left-side table and arrange the balls the same way you’ve seen before. This means: top, middle, bottom, top, middle, top.

Tap on the toy cubes on the floor and remember the numbers and letters written on them. Now go to the desk, tap the monitor and enter the code shown before: B3C 2AA. Some numbers will now appear on the screen and you need to remember the green ones (1467). Also tap the cabinet near the monitor and collect the hammer head.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 4 Solution

Now go back to the main view and tap the left arrow to move to the other view. Under the small table on the right, you will find the handle of the hammer. Collect it then tap it to combine it with the hammer head you collected earlier. Go back to the main view, tap the wall on the left of the trash can and use the hammer to knock down the wall. Now you can collect the lever.

Go back to the other side, tap the boxes on the floor and the wooden crate to remove them out of the way and collect the plug. Now go to the 2 electrical boxes found under the CAFE sign. On the first one place the lever you collected and the plug, and on the second one tap the 2, 3, 5, 8 levers so that the other ones are on (1, 4, 6, 7 – the code we found out before).

And finally, go to the work bench and here you must drag the screwdriver from one side to the other, without touching the wire. Be very calm, move slowly and you will eventually make it. Once you complete this task, the drawer will open and you will be able to collect the card that opens the door. Continue to Level 5.