Can You Escape 2 – Level 6 Walkthrough

When you start “Can You Escape 2 Level 6”, what you need to do is to go to the left side of the room, where you will see a cabinet. Begin by tapping the shelf that has three drawers, then move to the one with the elephant and the one with the plane. Same thing: tap on them.

Next, you have to open the lower drawer where you will find a band. Take the band (it may look like a ring too, so don’t get confused) that you found inside then steal the elephant’s tusk.

Can You Escape 2 - Level 6 Walkthrough

On the same left side of the room you will need to look for the drum. Inside the drum there is a brush and some powder; zoom in and take them both. There is a drum on the right side of the room too, so go there next and double tap in order to move it. Now that you got the drum out of the way, zoom in again so that you can see the keys that lie on the box better, then use the powder and the brush that you took from the other drum so that you can reveal the fingerprints.

If you revealed the fingerprints on the keys, tap them. The code number should be 13697. Grab the heart and necklace from the lower drawer of the box, go to the glass fridge, and press the last two buttons on the left column, then the first three buttons on the right colums. Once oppened, take that bottle of water with you.

Back at the other side of the room of “Can You Escape 2 Level 6”, tap the picture on the wall and change the bottom left, bottom right and middle right shape so that you make a square, then take the toy wheel that you find inside. Now go to the right side of the room and tap the chest, adjust the directions of the wheels and take what’s inside. You adjust the directions of the wheels to match the ones from the room this way:

– adjust the White (the left wheel) to North West;
– adjust the Red (the middle wheel) to East;
– adjust the Yellow (the left wheel) to South West;

Finally, find the cabinet that has three scales inside on it. Notice that each one is missing one piece, the same pieces that you hold in your inventory. First, tap the left scale and place the toy wheel on top of the toy car. Then proceed to the middle one and pour the water into the empty cylinder. For the right scale, place the heart on the bear and the toy wheel on the toy car and the sum of those numbers will get the code for the door, which is 1861. Continue to “Can You Escape 2 Level 7