Indecent Desires Game Review and Story Walkthrough

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to play an adult game that can really make you feel hot? Well, some adult games can infuse such a feeling. You will hear almost every erotic game claiming to be hot. But, very few can match the expectations one can have with an adult game. We think Indecent Desires is may be the one you were looking for.

If an adult game cannot satisfy your fetishes, you will struggle to find enjoyment by playing the game. Well, if you are looking for a steamy, hot, and sexy adult game that can satisfy your naughty desires, then you should play Indecent Desires LEARN MORE AND DOWNLOAD.

This game basically has everything that you want from an adult game. It has erotic moments, suspense, thrill, and every other thing that will make you glued to the screen. The characters are depicted in such a way that you will find it hard to stop playing this game.

Just like the name of the game, “Indecent Desires”, the plots and the subplots have plenty of moments when you will get to know indecent secrets of the characters in the game. So, are you wondering whether Indecent Desires can truly live up to your expectations? Let’s find out.

Indecent Desires Game

The Story line of Indecent Desires

What makes an adult game so very compelling and gripping is the story line. No matter how good the graphic is or how good the presentation of the game is, if the story line lacks power, then you will never ever enjoy playing the game. Therefore, having a sneak peek at the story line is very important.

When it comes to the story line of Indecent Desires, you can rest assured while playing, you will get hard and your brain will have dopamine. The story line is so compelling and captivating that you will struggle to get away from your screen. Let’s have a look at the overview of the story line.


The hero or the main protagonist of the story wants to finish his university studies. He is focused and desperate to do everything to get his university degree. But, for that, he has to live in his aunt’s house. The hero of the story is the only child of his mother. The mother of the hero is single.

The hero learns that his mother had divorced his biological father. He knew that when she was an infant. Now, the hero is young and about to start his journey to get a university degree which he desires so deeply. But, there is a problem with this as well.

The university where the story’s hero is studying is located far away from her mother’s house. He does not have enough money to rent a room for him near the locality of the university. However, there is a solution. His aunt, Sarah’s house is close to the university.

Aunt Sarah lives with her two daughters Kate and Monique. As the hero starts to live with the Monroe family, he quickly starts to unravel the secrets of his cousins and aunts that change his perception of life. The secrets alter his way of approaching life.

Now, a question becomes quite evident which creates the conflict in the story. What the hero will do once he learns the hidden secrets of his family? How will he react to these changing circumstances in his life? What consequences he has to face once he unravels the secrets?

You will know all these once you finish the game. As you can guess by the overview, the story is quite gripping and you will be compelled to spend your time playing the game. You will have dopamine with erotic premises as well as adrenaline rush with the thrilling subplots.

The Primary Characters

You have already got a fair share of an idea of how the character of the main protagonist or the hero of the story will pan out. The determination, grit, never say die attitude, these things are going to be common in his character as the main protagonist of the story.

But, it is also important to check how other characters of the story pan out as well. There has to be a proper antagonist and other side characters that will make the game more and more intriguing to play. The game “Indecent Desires” has three such characters worth mentioning for sure.

These characters are Sara Monroe, Kate Monroe, and Monique Monroe. So, let’s see how these characters will get portrayed in the game so that you know what you can expect from this game. After all, in an adult game, female characters are the ones that draw more attention.

Sarah Monroe

In the storyline of Indecent Desires, the main attribution of the character of Sarah Monroe is not the only Aunt of the hero, but she is also the dean of the university where the main protagonist will study. She is a very attractive woman.

Sarah Monroe Indecent Desires

If you ever have a fetish of getting ‘some’ with a perfect mature women, then Sarah will be your dream. Her compelling figure will surely make you fantasize about her. She is the mother of Monique and Kate. But, it is possible to have a desire to get Sarah on your bed than the other two girls.

She is a hot and sexy mature women that anyone can enjoy. Her smooth skin with olive texture makes her even more delicious. Her red hair with a bob cut and perfect face cut along with natural and big breasts make her a youthful woman ready to get laid.

Monique Monroe

If ever there is a girl who can get you hard just by her appearance, then that would be Monique. She is the elder daughter of Sarah Monroe and works as a nurse in the local hospital. She has a very attractive appearance and she is true eye-candy throughout the game.

Monique Monroe Indecent Desires

Monique is very tall in stature and what is really stand out in her appearance is her boobs. Her breasts are very large and bouncy just like her mother. Her skin is tanned and because of it, the skin goes very well with her features. Well, there is another facet to her character.

She is well aware that she is hot and sexy. She is cocky and narcissistic in nature. If you have to pen her character down to one word, then that suitable word will be ‘bitch’. She thinks that her beauty stands out among all the women in her family.

Kate Monroe

Kate Monroe Indecent Desires

Kate Monroe is the youngest girl in her family. Just like Sarah, her mother, she is also very slim. She loves to wear gym attire and crop tops. These attires go well with her toned physique. She loves to showcase her toned butt and abs.

She has a very pretty face, maybe the prettiest in the whole game. Kate has brunette hair and it suits her face quite nicely. You can easily guess by looking at her face that she is young and innocent. Her eyes look like doe which enhances her beauty and makes her a pleasant character.

What Makes This Game So Special

There are certain reasons why this adult game, Indecent Desires, is very special. Once you start playing it, you will get more and more engrossed in the game. Here are some reasons why this game is very highly regarded by various gamers.

The Animation Quality

When you are playing an adult game, you would want the animations to be spot on. If the animations are not that good to give you a real-life-like feeling, then you will never ever get satisfaction by playing the game. The HD animation (1920×1080) of Indecent Desires is something that will truly make you fall in love with this game.

The Erotic and Shocking Story

The story of Indecent Desires is probably the best thing about the game. An erotic game needs to have an erotic story capable of turning you on instantly. Indecent Desires certainly has such a gripping erotic story that makes the game captivating to play. Also, you will have plenty of twists and turns throughout the course of the game in the storyline that will make the game more absorbing to play.

Stunning Facial Expressions

If the facial expression of the characters in the game is not good, then you will never have the excitement of playing an adult game. Well, the developers of the game have worked really hard to improve the facial expression of the characters to give the game a more realistic touch. You will surely get amazed by watching the facial expressions of the characters.

Fetishes Included in Indecent Desires

Here are some of the fetishes you will find in Indecent Desires. In case you find them offensive, do not play this game;

  • Gangb***
  • M**F
  • An**
  • Voyeur
  • Lesbian
  • Teen
  • Blackmail
  • Feet
  • Perversion
  • And much more!

The Final Verdict

Indecent Desires is certainly one adult game that you would love to play if you are a big fan of playing this kind of kinks. The animation, the characters, the facial expressions of the characters, the story line, make the game really compelling and captivating. Once you start playing it, you will surely understand what makes this game so special.

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