Karyukai Hint Word – Sharks Lagoon

If you were looking for the hint word for Karyukai, you came to the right place! Karyukai is the latest game from Sharks Lagoon and it presents the adventures of Akimi, a beautiful American student with Japanese origins. After graduation, she decides to do a scholarship in Japan, and find out more about the country of her mother.

Since her thesis is about geishas, she will have all sorts of interesting adventures, along with her new friend Enako and all the guys that she will meet in the city of Kyoto. The game has 2 parts, filled with exciting scenes where you have to guess where to click and what to do next.

Sometimes it may be difficult to know exactly where to click, and that’s where the hint word comes in handy. All you need to do is type this word when you are in the game, and an yellow circle will appear, showing you where to click next. In case you need to click and drag, a yellow arrow will show you the direction where to drag the mouse.

It wasn’t difficult to guess the Karyukai hint word. Since the action of the game takes place in this country, the code for Karyukai is “Japan”. Simply type japan and you will know where to click. But be careful though, as some actions will lead to an early ending of the game.