Light Asylum Escape Room 1 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome for another walkthrough of a free online game. The game I chosen for today is a “point and click puzzle game” and also an “escape the room game” which is called “Light Asylum Escape: Room 1” (you can play it here). It is quite an interesting and also simple game that can be completed in just a few minutes. 

Ok…so let’s begin with the Light Asylum Escape: Room 1 walkthrough. Your goal is to find all the numbered tiles and finally escape the asylum. Each one has a number on it (from 1 to 9) and they are in the Roman alphabet (I, II, III, IV etc.). To make it even more simple for you, you already have the IV and the V is placed on the board found on the door.

Light Asylum Escape Walkthrough 1

In order to view another side of the room, move the mouse to one of the sides, until the cursor turns into a triangle and then click it. Move to the right, and then you will see the sink, mirror and other items. Click on the sink twice and on the sink hole you will find a key. Click on it to collect it and then move to the lower side of the screen until you see the arrow and click to go back. 

Go right to the next view, and then click on the last drawer of the desk. Here you will find a hammer, so click on it to collect it. Then click on the key that you have and then on the top drawer to open it. Here you will find number VI. Then click on the smiley face picture to go closer to it, and then on its lower left side. Here you will find number IX.

Then click on the bed, and under the pillow you will find number III. Now look under the bed, and here you can see number VII. Then click on the wall on the right side of the bed, and there you will see a small square that is slightly different than the rest of the wall. Click on it, and you will have number VIII as well.

Light Asylum Escape Walkthrough 2

Then go to the view with the sink, and click under the desk. Here you will collect a jack-knife that will be useful later. Now click on the vent door found on the top right side of the room, and use the jack-knife collected before to open all 4 screws of the vent. Under the vent you will find number I. Now go to the mirror, use the hammer to crack it and you will find the last number that you need which is II.

Now that you have all the numbers, you will have to go to the door and solve the puzzle. The idea is to place the tiles in a specific way, and the sum of all the lines, columns and diagonals should be 15 (XV).

Try to solve the puzzle by yourself, but if you can’t make it here is the solution:

VI     I   VIII

VII   V    III

II     IX    IV

After solving the puzzle, you will finally escape the Light Asylum Room. But unfortunately this is only room number 1, and there are 4 more other rooms to escape from which will be even more difficult. But those are different games, and we’ll discuss about them in future articles.