N arco Part 2 And Part 3 Access Codes

In a previous article we presented you the Hint Word for Sharks Lagoon N arco, and now it’s time to find out the access codes for Part 2 and Part 3.

The “N arco” game is one of the latest on the Sharks Lagoon website and it’s a collaboration with Jimmy John. That’s why the graphics are different than the usual games and also improved a lot. The game presents the adventures of Amanda and Samantha as the babysitters for the kid of a rich n arcotics dealer.

One of the girls is here for the money and fun, but the other one is an under-cover agent. So the passwords are closely related to this fact.

Sharks Lagoon Narco Part 3 Code

So in case you already played the first part of the N arco game, and wish to go straight to the other ones, the access code for Part 2 is “investigation” and the password for N arco Part 3 is “n arcotic”. Enjoy the game and if you ever get stuck, you can find the hint word at this link.