A Perfect Wife Hint Word

Finally Sharks Lagoon released a new game on their “Se xy Games” page, and as usual lots of people would like to know the hint word. So if you were looking for the secret word for “A Perfect Wife”, you came to the right place!

This game was made together with Jennie<3 and lots of guys felt the difference. Not only that she brought a female touch to the game, but the scenarios and dialogues are more realistic and plausable compared to other games of Shark. The game also has a lot of teasing scenes and some guys on the forum even said that this is the best game from Sharks Lagoon so far.

The game follows the naughty adventures of Eleonor, a beautiful woman who lacks love and attention from her husband Mike. So when Steven (Mike’s old friend) comes and stays with them for a few days, their marriage is really put to the test. Another sexy girl that appears in the game is Gabriela, a friend of Eleonor, but she’s not that much of a friend since she always tries to convince her to have some fun with Steven.

It’s up to you to find out what happens in the end, and the game actually has 3 different endings, depending on certain actions you take along the way. We’ll talk about that in a different article but now let’s get back to the point of this one: the hint word for Sharks Lagoon “A Perfect Wife”. Just like Shark wrote on the forum, Eleonor must not forget her duty as a wife. So the secret word of the game is “duty”. Have fun!