Pusooy Beach Party Secret Word

In case you were looking for the passwords (hint words) for the Pusooy Beach Party games, you came to the right place! Pusooy.net is a cool website with similar games to those of Sharks Lagoon, but with a different style.

The graphics are quite different…sometimes they may seem strange but other times they can be very realistic, much more realistic than the games of Shark. The stories are also longer and require more time to be completed and sometimes you may feel like these games were created for women. That’s because some levels require A LOT of playing until you get to that climax moment, and some people just don’t have enough patience. While the games of Shark require a lot of clicks, the games of Pusooy require a lot of mouse movement.

Pusooy Beach Party Secret Word

So the hint words for Beach Party will not suggest you where to click, but will allow you to skip through scenes. And this can be a very good thing considering that a scene may need 15-20 minutes to be completed, and you can’t save your progress.

When you activate the passwords for Pusooy Beach Party, you will see a message on the screen telling you that: “The secret code has been entered! The S key will now switch scences. The Esc key exits the current scene. Press the space bar to continue”. And now here they are:

– Pusooy Beach Party: sand
– Pusooy Beach Party 2: fire
– Pusooy Beach Party 3: rain
– Pusooy Beach Party 4: orgy

Simply type the word anytime during game play and you will be able to skip through scenes. Enjoy!