Sharks Lagoon Castle Whispers II (The Ransom) Help Word

In case you were looking for the Sharks Lagoon Castle Whispers II (The Ransom) help word, you came to the right place. The second part of this game is called “The Ransom” and is now available for free in the “S exy Games” category. In case you want the hint word for the first part of Castle Whispers you can find it in this article.

Sharks Lagoon Castle Whispers II Help Word

The game presents the adventures of Geraldine, Gregory, Alianor, The Baron, Abran and a few other characters. The game play is quite interesting and has a good story-line as well as lots of naughty scenes. And it even has some unusual scenes with mythical creatures :)

I think it’s the first time that the hint word for a Shark’s game is actually the name of one of the characters. So, the Sharks Lagoon Castle Whispers II help word is “abran”. Simply type abran while in the game, and you will see what to do next. Be careful though, as some choices are not always correct and can lead to the end of the game. The good part is that after making a wrong choice, you will continue directly from that scene, and not have to start the game all over again.