Sharks Lagoon Mum’s Boyfriend Hint Word

In case you were looking for the Mum’s Boyfriend hint word, you came to the right place. The new game from Sharks Lagoon presents the naughty adventures of young Melanie and her se xy mom.

She was left by her ex-husband and now she is dating a new guy – Patrick. Of course, Melanie is a young and very hot teenager so she also has some adventures with other young boys and girls. But she is not happy about Patrick “stealing” her mum and becoming his step father, so she tries to se duce him.

Will she succeed? Well…play the game and you will find out ;)

It was really easy to guess the hint word for “Mum’s Boyfriend” by Sharks Lagoon. Since Melanie is really missing her father, the secret word is “dad”. All you have to do is type dad while in the game, and you will see a yellow circle on where to click next. But this doesn’t mean that you will complete the game, because some decisions could lead to a bad ending of the game. There are 3 possible endings, and also a bonus scene. Enjoy!