Sharks Lagoon Teasing Hint Word (Mini Game)

In case you were looking for the hint word “Sharks Lagoon Teasing”, you came to the right place, although you will have a surprise at the end. As its name says, this is just a mini game and it was offered by Shark as a Christmas gift to his fans.

It presents the adventures of Alyssa, her cousin Emilee and their aunt. They are spending Christmas as the tropics, chilling at the beach on a sunny afternoon and they are being spied on by 2 guys. Alyssa notices the guys and she decides to tease them a little.

Even though there isn’t any action going on in the game and it ends very soon, it is still a fun game to play. We searched everywhere on the internet and we tried many possible hint words but couldn’t find any. So we assume that since it’s such a short game, Shark didn’t bothered adding any secret word to the Teasing game.

But the game is very easy to play and we are sure you can complete it on your own, without the help of any password. Soon after the release of this mini game, the full game came along and you can find the hint word for “Sharks Lagoon Teasing Holidays” at this link.