Stool Pigeon Hint Word and Walkthrough (Part 3)

If you were looking for the hint word for Sharks Lagoon Stool Pigeon, you came to the right place. This is the latest game on their website and it presents the adventures of the 2 beautiful cops – Amanda and Samantha. The game has some really nice graphics and also a lot of exciting scenes. 

Comparing to others games of Shark, this one is not that difficult. But you may get stuck sometimes and that’s when the secret word comes in really useful. This time it was quite difficult to discover the word, because it is not a very common one. But thanks to our readers, we finally found it. 

Stool Pigeon Hint Word sharks lagoon

The hint word for Stool Pigeon is “patsy”. Simply type patsy directly in the game, and you will see an yellow circle on where to click next. In case you need to click and drag, you will also see an arrow pointing in that direction. In case you are wondering, this word has the same meaning as “scapegoat” and it refers to a person that is used as a cover for things that go wrong, and takes all the blame. Here in the game, Eugene the actor is used as a “patsy” by Freddy and Aldo. 

In previous articles we wrote the walkthroughs for Part 1 and Part 2, so now we’ll give you the solution for Part 3. It won’t make sense to describe all the scenes, because most of them are quite simple and intuitive. We’ll just tell you the one where you need to make the right choice, otherwise you lose the game. 

When Samantha enters the house of the bad guys and she is cached by Aldo, after they have some fun, she points a gun to him. If you click on his body, he will run away and you will lose the game. So what you must do is click on the palm of his left hand. And this is actually the only tricky scene of Part 3, because the game will end pretty soon. We hope you enjoyed our 3 articles presenting the walkthrough and hint word for Stool Pigeon by Sharks Lagoon.