Summertime Saga Game Review and Download + Installation guide

Ever wanted to recreate a scenario of being in College and being a p*ssy magnet all the while having to deal with a band of evil criminals? Well Summertime Saga (Learn More) is the game for you. The game is a dating simulator but at the same time an absorbing drama, which will keep you hooked on the plot and how successful or not you are. Developed by an independent gaming studio for the adult market you have the chance of starring as a young freshman in the game. Having to make sure you play your cards right to ultimately land yourself the best prom date.

Summertime Saga Game Download + Installation guide


The story is based in a modest suburban town where a young guy about to enroll in college is in shock after the sudden death of his father. It is a work accident which is the alleged cause of death. However the nature of it is strange and is then revealed he was in big debt to a ruthless gang of criminals. As a sanctuary he is taken in by his father’s friend. She then gives him a home whilst he ventures out on his first year of college. All the while having to raise the funds to pay off the debt his father stacked up with the evil mob. While also picking up clues leading to why and how his dad’s demise happened. Also alongside having to engineer a date to the prom. There’s plenty on your plate to keep you occupied while playing.


Summertime Saga’s gameplay is mainly revolved around engaging in the plotline and reacting to random scenarios shrewdly in order to progress. You as the main protagonist will find yourself embroiled in the drama surrounding your college mates and girls, which leads to some seriously hot encounters. You will have to balance this day to day life with three adventures which you must embark on and overcome. In the process you get to travel around 50 destinations on the game map. While you do that you get to meet and share dialogue with a ton of characters who are woven into the story. Whilst also getting a batch of little games to provide a break up in play and giving you the chance to earn bonus items. Items you can use to enhance your outcome in the game.

The main attraction with Summertime Saga is that it’s filled to the brim with a world of choice. You can scour every inch of an expansive map and get acquainted with a horde of characters. People who will equip you in your journey, people who will sabotage you and girls who will give you some steamy delights! As you progress through the game you can arm yourself with effective tools to get ahead from games on offer. It has everything and more to give you a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.


The graphics on show in the game are very effective and manage to be high quality whilst also being simplistic. The creator of the game hasn’t utilised the animation included before which means it has a unique feel compared to other games in the same niche. There are countless character scenes and animation shots to keep the game eye candy. The vast catalogue of imagery is pretty unparalleled compared to other games. It’s why this game is being met with such a glowing appraisal.

Each different destination in the game has a detailed background image and every person has a complex, distinct appearance. It’s this attention to detail that draws you in and keeps you impressed. They don’t cut any corners and want you to have the ultimate trip when taking part in the game. From the laboratory to the library, everywhere has had hours of time put into its design. The characters are also inspired and all manage to be intriguing and engaging. Most of the visuals in the game are mesmerising and a joy to behold.

In stark contrast to the art gallery graphics, the audio in the game is minimal and merely a means to an end. There’s no voice acting and the sound effects use is sporadic. Being a visual textual novel the necessity for sound effects is negligible. Saying that there are a few pieces of music that play throughout the game. These are largely background music and are merely there to set the ambiance of the scene well.


Summertime Saga really is a masterpiece of Patreon gaming and I can’t say enough good things about it. The game is bursting at the seams with hours upon hours of content and layers of animation. It is a great f*p game but has so much more to offer than that. You will be absorbed and engrossed by the plotline and characters. It plays out like a top Hollywood teen drama/comedy/f*p epic which is hours of fun. There’s a world of adventure available in the game to make you want to dive in and never leave.


I’d have to think really hard to point the finger at the game for being unsatisfactory in any field. Maybe just that it’s a game that can seriously sabotage your work and homework as it’s that addictive! So make sure you have that out the way before you begin!


There’s no need to scour the internet as we guide you have to download and install this game on your operating system. There’s a dedicated Patreon page where you can support the developer and download the latest updates. For our convenience we are going to use a different method. Follow the steps to unwrap the files and download the game onto your computer. The steps are:

1. go to and search for The Summertime Saga. Locate a thread which has it available to download from. Once you are there you will need to register an account to access the download locations. You need to go to the link in the top right-hand corner to access the signup process. Once you’ve filled in your details return to the initial URL above and you will see the links laid out for you.

2. Scroll down and look under the option relative to your system as to whether you have a PC (Win) or Mac. Once you’ve selected a download link from the relevant list it will transfer you to a follow-up screen. On this page you will see a link to download it. Press the button and the download process will initiate.

3.  PCs: Check the action of the download and once it’s been fully distributed to your system you will get a notification. You will be given the option of a menu by the download. Click open and it will ask you where you want this folder to unzip to. Once you’ve selected it will distribute to this folder. You can then access this folder and see a .exe file. Double-clicking on this will begin playing the file ready to play.

For Mac: Once the download has completed you will be notified in your browser window. Click on the menu next to the download on your browser window and select open. You will then be met with an obstacle from your computer. This is due to the game being downloaded from a source that your Mac doesn’t recognise. You can get around this block by following the steps below.

In your computer click in your Mac’s preferences screen and the lead-up window will make security and privacy options available to you. Click on this and you will then see the general tab. When you have you will see “open anyway” in front of you and you can select this which will resolve the issue. Now go back to your download button the browser window and click open again. Your Mac will show the same precaution but this time you will be able to click “open anyway”. Now the game will begin.

That’s about the size of it. Check out Summertime Saga right away and see what all the fuss is about and why it’s one of Patreon’s most popular games.

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