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Escape The Vampire Room Walkthrough

Whenever you are bored and you are looking for a fun activity to do, you can choose to play a free online game. There are thousands of them on the internet, with all sorts of topics. If you wish to have fun, and stimulate your mind at the same time, you can choose to play a puzzle game.


The most famous puzzle games are the “point and click puzzle games” and more precisely – the “escape the room” games. The one that we’ll present you today is called “Escape the vampire room“. 


This is quite a fun game where you will have to escape from the room of Dracula. The game is not so complicated but it’s not that easy either. The fun thing is that when you click somewhere on an object there will be some words about that place, making the game a little easier for you.

Escape The Vampire Room Walkthrough


We suggest you try the game all by yourself first and see if you manage to complete it without any help. And if you don’t succeed here is the complete walkthrough for you. First go in the room where the piano is and click on top of the piano. Here you will find a knife, so click on it and collect it. Also collect the rope that is found on the curtain.


Then go to the picture of the vampire and hold the cursor right between his eyes. He will look cross-eyed and this will make his head to vibrate, and finally to explode. If you click on his head you will find a sentence saying: “Drench the pentagram in fire and place the rodents head in the center”.


Even though this doesn’t make any sense for you now, it will be useful later in the game. Now that you are here, also click on the little brown match that is found somewhere on the left side, under the blood.

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