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Private Consultation Hint Word and Save Codes

The articles about games from Shark’s Lagoon are very demanded on our website, so here is the hint word for another popular game. This time we’ll talk about “Private Consultation” and how you can complete the game without having to worry about where to click next. 

Private Consultation Save Codes


This game is the fourth part of the “Horny Afternoon” series and it presents the adventures of Kenny and the two naughty girls, Wendy and Cloe. The game has a lot of cool and exciting scenes, but we’ll let you discover all of them once you know the codes.

As in most of the Sharks Lagoon games, the secret word is closely related to the theme of the game. And since Kenny is going to become a doctor and the girls will give him a “private consultation”, the word is “nurse”.

All you need to do is type “nurse” whenever you get stuck, and you will see exactly where to click next. But you still need to be careful where you click, because some actions can lead to an early ending of the game.

Private Consultation Secret Hint Word


In case you still get stuck or just want to start from different scenes of the game, here are the Private Consultation save codes:

– bedroom
– corridor
– hospital