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Sharks Lagoon Break In Hint Word

In case you were looking for the Sharks Lagoon Break In hint word, you came to the right place. “Break-in” is one of the latest games on the site, now only available in the Priv-Box, but it will eventually become free as well, along with the other great games of Shark. It follows the adventures of Bill Nosey the detective, Sam the cop, Helen & Victoria Mulder, Molly, Tom and a few others.  

Sharks Lagoon Break In Hint Word

This also a thematic game, and I assume that the action takes place somewhere in the early 1900’s, when America was filled with gangsters and mafioso-s. It has all sorts of interesting characters and quite a nice story. As usual the music is nice too and “Break in” has two parts, filled with provocative and exciting scenes. Instead of having to click all over the place to guess what to do next, the Sharks Lagoon BreakIn hint word will come in very handy. This one was a bit though to guess, but after doing some digging on the Sharks Lagoon forum, I’ve found it. 

What you have to do is type this password and you will see a yellow circle showing where to click next. Just be careful, because sometimes you may have 2 possible choices, and one of them could lead to the end of the game. But enough with the talking. The Sharks Lagoon Break In hint word is: “widia”. Just type widia while in the game, and enjoy! 

Sharks Lagoon Teasing Hint Word (Mini Game)

In case you were looking for the hint word “Sharks Lagoon Teasing”, you came to the right place, although you will have a surprise at the end. As its name says, this is just a mini game and it was offered by Shark as a Christmas gift to his fans.

It presents the adventures of Alyssa, her cousin Emilee and their aunt. They are spending Christmas as the tropics, chilling at the beach on a sunny afternoon and they are being spied on by 2 guys. Alyssa notices the guys and she decides to tease them a little.

Sharks Lagoon Teasing Mini Game Hint Word

Even though there isn’t any action going on in the game and it ends very soon, it is still a fun game to play. We searched everywhere on the internet and we tried many possible hint words but couldn’t find any. So we assume that since it’s such a short game, Shark didn’t bothered adding any secret word to the Teasing game.

But the game is very easy to play and we are sure you can complete it on your own, without the help of any password. Soon after the release of this mini game, the full game came along and you can find the hint word for “Sharks Lagoon Teasing Holidays” at this link.

Sharks Lagoon Teasing Holidays Hint Word

If you were looking for the Hint Word for “Teasing Holidays” you came to the right place! This is the latest game on the Sharks Lagoon website at this moment and it’s a sequel to the mini game called “Teasing”. It is holiday time and Alyssa has left the campus to meet with her cousin Emilee in the warm and sunny Caribbean.

Sharks Lagoon Teasing Holidays Part 1

Even though Alyssa would like to work, her naughty cousin would prefer to tease boys. The game has 2 parts and is filled with fun and exciting scenes.

It was quite difficult to find the secret word for Teasing Holidays on the Sharks Lagoon forum, so we decided to try to guess it. And after a few tries we managed to find it. It’s not difficult and it’s closely related to what happens in the game. The game begins with Alyssa and Emilee taking a ride to the village and having all sorts of naughty adventures, and the way they are traveling is by bike.

Sharks Lagoon Teasing Holidays Party

So the hint word for Teasing Holidays is “bike”. Simply type this word while in the game, and you will see a yellow circle on where to click next. If you see a circle and an arrow, you must click and drag in the direction indicated by the arrow. Be careful though, as some choices are not always correct and can lead to the end of the game. But after a few tries, you will definitely figure it out. The good part is that after making a wrong choice, you will continue directly from that scene, and not have to start the game all over again.

Private Consultation Hint Word and Save Codes

The articles about games from Shark’s Lagoon are very demanded on our website, so here is the hint word for another popular game. This time we’ll talk about “Private Consultation” and how you can complete the game without having to worry about where to click next. 

Private Consultation Save Codes


This game is the fourth part of the “Horny Afternoon” series and it presents the adventures of Kenny and the two naughty girls, Wendy and Cloe. The game has a lot of cool and exciting scenes, but we’ll let you discover all of them once you know the codes.

As in most of the Sharks Lagoon games, the secret word is closely related to the theme of the game. And since Kenny is going to become a doctor and the girls will give him a “private consultation”, the word is “nurse”.

All you need to do is type “nurse” whenever you get stuck, and you will see exactly where to click next. But you still need to be careful where you click, because some actions can lead to an early ending of the game.

Private Consultation Secret Hint Word


In case you still get stuck or just want to start from different scenes of the game, here are the Private Consultation save codes:

– bedroom
– corridor
– hospital

Wendy Birthday Party Hint Word

If you were looking for the secret word for the “Wendy Birthday Party” game, you came to the right place! This is one of the many games of those at Sharks Lagoon and it is also the fifth part of the Horny Afternoon series.

Wendy Birthday Party Hint Word

It features the adventures of Wendy, Anna, Kenny, Franck and all the other sexy virtual characters at the party thrown for Wendy’s birthday. The game has a lot of cool and exciting scenes and the music is nice too.

But anyway, let’s get back to the purpose of this article, which is to tell you the hint word for Wendy Birthday Party. As usual, the word is related to the game itself so what better choice than “gift”.

All you need to do is type “gift” and you will see a hint on exactly where to click next. In case you need to click and drag you will also see an arrow, and in case you must click in more places you will see numbers as well.

Sharks Lagoon Wendy Birthday Party

Now you can simply enjoy all the nice scenes of the game, but you still need to be careful at the choices you make, because some of them can lead to bad endings. If you get stuck, let us know and we’ll write a complete walkthrough as well.