The Cruise Hint Word – Sharks Lagoon

If you were looking for the hint word for The Cruise by Sharks Lagoon, you came to the right place! “The Cruise” is the latest game on their website, freshly taken from the Priv-box and offered for free to everyone. It presents the naughty adventures of Nanny and her husband Sir Edward, as well as the two beautiful girls Wendy and Cloe. If you are a big fan of Shark, you may already know all these characters from the game Nanny’s Day

The Cruise Hint Word Sharks Lagoon

The four of them embark on a cruise in the Carribean sea and you can expect a lot of interesting and provocative scenes in the classical style of Shark. And as usual, there is also a secret word, one that will show you exactly where to click next in case you get stuck. 

We won’t keep you waiting no more…the hint word for The Cruise by Sharks Lagoon is “trip”. Simply type trip in the game and you will see where to click next. In case you need to click and drag, you will also see an yellow arrow pointing the direction to drag. Have fun and enjoy this great game!